All students are  asked to  practice respect.  Students are not to be socializing in a disruptive manner during the class with other students. Please honor your teacher and fellow students by giving full attention and cooperation. Cell phones are not to be used in the classroom.  Phones must be on silent.  

* During class if a student complains of being ill, or sustains an injury and cannot participate, the instructor will send them to the front desk were the parents will be notified if not on the premises.  The student will not be allowed to sit and observe the class if ill.  Parents will be called to pick up the student.   Parents must notify the front desk if a student is injured and can only observe the class.

*The parent, or guardian is expected to respect the activities of other families in the studio, and the classes in session. The waiting area may become crowded during certain days/times. Please do not pull chairs up to the viewing glass window.  This is a safety issue for the one standing on the chair, and it causes a jam in the  passage area.  Any child  not in a classroom  needs to supervised.  Out of courtesy to the other families in the waiting area please refrain from loud scolding and any form of physical punishment in the waiting area. Families have various means of disciplining.  It is best to keep watch of your child(ren), and step outside if necessary.

*Students need to bring water to the studio, especially if scheduled for more than one class.   Water  is the only drink allowed in the studio.  Water is sold at the front desk for $1


   Classroom Procedures


*We request that students observe the proper dress attire for the class enrolled.  Students should not enter or leave the dance studio in dance shoes.  Dance shoes are to be worn inside the dance rooms only.

*Students arriving more than 15 minutes late may be denied  admittance  into class. The student will have missed the warm-up, and entering the classroom this late will cause disruption. For your safety, and to receive full benefit from your class, please arrange a make-up class if you expect to be very late

*All students are encouraged not to leave the room once class has begun. Please allow for appropriate restroom use prior to class. Parents with young children should insist their child use the bathroom before class even if the child indicates they do not need to. Very young children will be treated sensitively as the need arises. Preschool children may need a parent’s attention from time to time for various reasons including bathroom or behavior issues. Please do not leave the waiting room when very young children are in class without informing the front desk or having another parent responsible during your absence.  

* Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class start time. Teachers are either conducting class, or making class preparations.   Students are not to enter any classroom that does not have a teacher present.  Empty Classrooms are not to be used as a play area.   Define Dance and Arts Studio is not responsible for providing before and/or after class care for students. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive periods before or after class.  Children should be instructed to remain in the studio building if their parent has not arrived.